Fictions of Sustainability : The Politics of Growth and Post Capitalist Futures

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Fictions of Sustainability : The Politics of Growth and Post Capitalist Futures

By Boris Frankel.

This book discusses key aspects of what is increasingly becoming a central international debate: the political contest over competing visions and policies on the future of capitalist economic growth versus the alternative policies and images of post-capitalist, post-growth sustainable societies. The hopes and imagined futures of conservative and reform-orientated defenders of capitalist societies, as well as those held by radical green and socialist critics are subjected to detailed scrutiny. What are the limitations on 'green growth' innovation and why will it only have a marginal impact on inequality and other threatening social and environmental problems? Can new technology decouple economic growth from natural resources and eco-systems in order to sustain capitalist production and high consumption? How feasible are images of 'post-work' or post-capitalist societies based on such things as full automation and a universal basic income? If environmentalists reject capitalist growth as unsustainable, what are the political economic and institutional strengths and weaknesses of green post-growth or degrowth proposals? These and other crucial issues are analysed in a challenging and thought-provoking book covering an extensive range of policy reports, social theories, environmental proposals and political debates and practices across the world. The author also offers a number of positive suggestions to deal with the political economic, social and environmental issues covered in the book

Softback book.
350 pages.

Published by Greenmeadows.