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Another Dinner is Possible

Another Dinner is Possible

Another Dinner is Possible is not your average vegan cookbook – it’s a guide to developing a healthier relationship with the food we eat and the planet we inhabit. Recipes and articles explore how food affects us on all levels, from enjoying cooking and reconnecting with where ingredients come from, to the political context of our food choices.

The emphasis is on innovative simplicity. These recipes use easy-to-fund and easy-to-prepare ingredients combined in unexpected ways. All the basics of everyday cooking are included for those just starting out in a vegan kitchen, but more seasoned chefs will also find a number of new must-try recipes, including Korean meals, Scandinavian cold fish alternatives, and classic Jewish dishes.

Just as valuable are the numerous orginal essays covering vegan parenting, nutrition, growing veg and brewing your own, and cooking on a large scale.

Hardback book.

Published by Active Distrobution.