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On A Sunbeam

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On A Sunbeam

By Tillie Walden

There are so many things that Mia hates about boarding school. So, so many. So she gets kicked out.

But not before she falls in love. . .

Now she's a crew-member on a spacecraft that travels to distant planets to restore beautiful, broken-down structures. But even as she grows closer with the crew, she can't help but remember and dream of the girl she met in boarding school -- and hope to meet her again someday.

Part love story and part epic space adventure, On a Sunbeam is a masterpiece from an explosive, unmissable talent. Tillie Walden's inimitable style is gorgeous as she tells a story of sexuality, gender, first love, and awesome cats.

Hardback book.
544 pages.

Published by Avery Hill Publishing.