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The Future of Wales

The Future of Wales

By Rhys Thomas

Wales is a nation of contradictions. It boasts incredible natural resources and crushing poverty; fierce patriotism and a stark north/south divide; an energy surplus, and some of the highest bills in the UK. It also has a famously rugby-mad culture – but its revitalised football team is lighting up international tournaments.

So what’s going on? Rhys Thomas hails from Laugharne – the village on which, it is rumoured, Dylan Thomas based Under Milk Wood’s ‘Llareggub’ (read it backwards). In this affectionate investigation into his home country, via Welsh geography, food, culture and sport, he aims for the heart of its contrasts. In doing so, he builds a mosaic-like image of Wales today – and how it might look in the future.

Softback book.
128 pages.

Published by Melville House.