26 Voices for Change - A Cornish Anthology

26 Voices for Change - A Cornish Anthology

Edited by Mac Dunlop and Megan Chapman
Cover artwork by Annie Lovejoy

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here's a list of the writers in the anthology:

Andrew Fentham
Annamaria Murphy
Bert Biscoe
Caroline Carver
David Devanney
Des Hannigan
Elaine Ruth White
Jaime Lock
Katrina Naomi
Kerry Vincent
Mac Dunlop
Martha Tilston
Matt Osmond
MCMC Spoken Megan Chapman
Morag Smith
Paul Farmer
Paul Temme
Philip Marsden
Polly Roberts
Rosie Hadden
Tara Montane
Taran Spalding-Jenkin
Penny Shuttle
Tom Scott
Annie Lovejoy

26 Voices for Change is an anthology of Cornish writers brought together under the general theme of climate change. Many of the writers have contributed new work, written or developed between the period of the 2021 G7 'summit' of world 'leaders' held at Carbis Bay, Penwith, Cornwall in June and the COP 26 'summit' of world 'leaders' in Glasgow, in November. While the world and its various authorities grapple with the complexities of uniting in action together as nation states, the planet has its own way of dealing with such crises.

Our collective representative Governments seem dwarfed by the scale of action required. Sometimes they appear inadequate in their limited power and influence. They are often distracted by short term electoral priorities, or simply in awe of profitability over sustainability. The danger is that a negative legacy may be all that history will make of our time. A legacy of indecisiveness, and an inability to consider that our industrious human ingenuity masks deeper, more dangerous flaws. We have modernised and built a human architecture on the flimsiest of foundations.

Softback book

Published by The Poetry Point