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Here to Stay, Here to Fight: A Race Today Anthology
The War on Disabled People : Capitalism, Welfare and the Making of a Human Catastrophe
Resist The Punitive State
Post-Capitalist Futures: Political Economy Beyond Crisis and Hope
Futurability : The Age of Impotence and the Horizon of Possibility
Eruptions of Inanna : Justice, Gender, and Erotic Power
The High Tide : Collected Poems in Cornish 1974-1999
Jewels in the Mud : Selected Poems 1990-2020
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Lost Lunar Baedeker
Half-Caste and Other Poems
Strangers : Essays on the Human and Nonhuman (Extended Edition)
A Feminist Theory of Violence : A Decolonial Perspective
We Want It All : An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics
Styles of Radical Will
Forgotten Journey
Electric Wizards : A Tapestry of Heavy Music, 1968 to the present
Outrageous! The Story of Section 28 and Britain’s Battle for LGBT Education
An Autobiography
Tangled in Terror : Uprooting Islamophobia
Municipal Dreams : The Rise and Fall of Council Housing
The Failure of Nonviolence
Jane : A Murder
Honey Mine : Collected Stories
Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red